Ben is the father of Nader Abrams. Ben was a well known pop-science figure throughout the 80s and 90s. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Neurology and then he earned a Master’s and PhD in Neuroscience. He worked for Discovery channel hosting his own show “Science Abrams” (1983-1996) throughout thirteen pretty successful seasons but he couldn’t compete with the hotshot of the time Bill Nye. He has always hated him.

Ben developed Lymphoma during the last years of his life. He found out in 2014 a few months before his death but it was too late since he was diagnosed in the fourth stage. He then admitted to having an affair in late 1994 a few months after he got married to Nancy. The affair took place in Canada while he was shooting a special in Canada for his show with Olivia Brown who used to work for the Canadian office for Discovery and as a result of the affair Chloe Brown (later Chloe Brown Abrams) was born in 19 May 1995.