Chloe Brown, born May 19, 1995, exactly 9 months after Benjamin Abrams' affair with Olivia Brown in Canada while shooting a special for Science Abrams.

Chloe is a main character in the series Inside The Nerds and a main character in The Nerds starting season 2.

Personality Edit

Chloe shares some personality traits with the most of the typical Canadian teenagers and Youtube celebrities. She is kind-hearted and easy-going, which might be the exact opposite of her brother Nader.

Chloe is a hipster Youtuber who used to spend almost all of her time recording videos reviewing food products, restaurants, methods to meditate, things celebrities say. She has 400k subscribers on Youtube.

During the last year of Benjamin Abrams life when he admitted he was Chloe's father and reached out to her, she recorded a video and uploaded it to Youtube under the name "Science Abrams came out as my father", a video that had over 2 million views in its first week after it was uploaded. Then Chloe finally could reach out to Nader late 2016 to meet in Egypt.

Post Ben's Death EventsEdit

Following the death of her biological father Ben, Chloe got depressed and started questioning the purpose of her life, she started a blog and started blogging her out of the box questions about religion, life and everything she could think of.

She has also spent two years following her father's death trying to reconnect with her brother Nader, because he doesn't believe in social media connections that much. She asked people to help her find her brother in a tweet and they pointed her to him after he hosted the Reyada awards show.