Eman Hisham is a journalist working for Youm ElMasry as a political reporter.

Early Life Edit

Eman was born to parents who were never known for their political activity. Her father Hisham is a dentist and her mother Safaa is a college professor.

Biography Edit

Eman worked as a TV producer for Egypt This Week which was an English-speaking political news show that used to broadcast on Egypt24 channel.

She used to work as a campaigner for Step Down, Ali which was a movement calling for former prime minister Ali AlSayyad for accusations of corruption.

In 2016 when Nader hosted the Reyada awards show and roasted the prime minister Ahmed Kandil Eman was on tail of the case when she saw a tweet on Nader's twitter apologizing for the prime minister which was mysteriously -to her- deleted. She thinks the prime minister has something to do with it especially that she was working on a political money laundering scandal of the current prime minister.